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Real Time Strategy Tower Defense

Fact Sheet

Developer: Finifugal Games
Release Date: Early 2020
Platforms: PC via Steam
Price: $21.99 USD
Availability: Digital Download
Languages: English
File Size: 10.1GB
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Real Time Strategy Tower Defense

Press Release

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Colony Siege

Introducing a new type of Real Time Strategy for Steam that blends several genres


Seattle, January 28, 2020 – Survive countless swarms of relentless enemy forces in a robust campaign with multiple layers of progression.

Colony Siege is a sci-fi strategy game that combines elements of real time strategy, survival, base building, and tower defense into a robust new experience that is playable solo or online co-op. Battle on space stations, planetary surfaces, floating cities, and more as you progress through a branching campaign. Earn resources to bolster your survival chances, and receive rewards after successful battles to enhance your arsenal. Complete missions in story mode to unlock additional game types, and make your mark on the leaderboards. Face two different enemy factions and a total of 44 types of enemy units, each with unique weaponry and strengths. Colony Siege expands the strategy genre by combining aspects of StarCraft, Supreme Commander, They are Billions, and Defense Grid into a seamless and unique experience.

“I sat down and played this game for the first time a few nights ago, and it kicks ass,” said Dr. Andonuts on Discord “Very well done.” VonBoomslang, a beta tester, plays Colony Siege with a partner and remarks “Man we’re actually having wicked amounts of fun.”

Four years in the making, Colony Siege is on Steam and in a closed beta testing phase. A completely custom 3D engine has been built to provide a high degree of optimization. A unique art style permeates the experience throughout the game, aiming to deliver crisp and clear visuals at a steady frame rate.

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About Finifugal Games:
Finifugal Games is a new video game studio founded by Jim Napier, a veteran game developer with over 20 years of experience developing games, game engines, and other graphics software.

Press Contact:
Name: Johnson Brown
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 Fully Cooperative Gameplay – Play the entire game in single player or online co-op with a friend. There are no barriers to online play, meaning that two people with different campaign progress can play together without issue.

 Powerful Command Ship Avatar – Pilot a versatile and upradeable command ship with the ability to engage in combat, repair, and build. Unlock additional commander abilities such as area healing and repulsion.

 Strategic Freedom – Experiment with different strategies using the large number of tools at your disposal, such as ground units, towers, traps, strikes, barriers, environmental hazards, and your command ship. Maze the enemy into traps and kill chambers, or confront them in the open.

 Real Time Strategy View and Controls – While Colony Siege is a true hybrid of game genres, the view, controls, and hotkeys adhere closely to well-defined RTS standards.

 Robust Branching Campaign – Choose your own destination in a campaign with forked paths.

 Rich Replay Value – Completed missions can be played again for additional upgrade credits, and new mission modes are available once mission conditions are met.

 Loads of Upgrades – Define your play style through your upgrade choices. Upgrade your command ship, purchase new colony buildings, add to your tower and trap arsenal, purchase ground unit blueprints, and gain access to powerful strikes.

 Environmental Variety – Visit many unique locations in space and on ground, all handcrafted specifically for Colony Siege.

 Custom 3D Engine – Colony Siege uses a 3D engine built from scratch. This delivers levels of optimization seldom seen in generic engines.

 Dynamic Barriers and Enemy Pathing – All towers and barriers automatically construct an energy barrier when placed near each other, and enemies recalculate the most efficient path to your colony in real time.

 Fully Voiced Campaign Story – Each mission briefing is fully voiced and conveys the thoughts of the commander as he defends against the Xeno and Riven enemy factions.

 Powerful Perk System – Every mission provides a unique “perk”, which can be used to alter the gameplay significantly.

 Useful Physics – Fling enemies off a space station using a spring trap, or use the detonation of a nuclear missile to push them into lava.

 Endless Mode – Once a mission has been completed, “Endless Mode” unlocks, urging you to defend your colony as long as possible for rewards and renown.

 Survival Mode – Once a mission has been completed on, “Survival Mode” unlocks. Survival Mode is a very intense experience that puts your best strategies to the test.

 Leaderboards – Make your mark on the online leaderboards by generating the most profit while defending your objectives throughout the campaign.

 Achievements – Earn Steam achievements when completing both the primary and bonus objectives for each mission.

 Mood-Appropriate Music – Every mission has its own carefully curated music that matches the mood of the location.

 Custom Particle Effects – An entirely custom-built particle effect system is used to create dynamic fiery missile trails, laser pulses, explosions, and more.

About Finifugal Games

Our mission at Finifugal Games is to create the titles that we want to play. To that end, we’ve worked on Colony Siege for 4 years to create an exhilarating and unique sci-fi experience with no barriers to full cooperative play. We’ve enjoyed, and been inspired by, such titles as Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander, Planetary Annihilation, StarCraft, Dungeon Defenders, and Defense Grid. Our small design team has over 50 years of combined software development experience and many thousands of hours of gaming.

We are located near Seattle and have prior experience working with Sierra and Microsoft on major video game titles. Our team has also produced and self-published award winning software outside of the game industry for nearly 15 years. While these experiences were rewarding, we decided to make our mark on the gaming community with our own brand of unique content.

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